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Wait {{customer_first_name}}! Please check out this poll down below...

I posted this Instagram story asking for advice:

I got over 3,200 responses!

This was one of my MOST voted on Instagram polls…

And the results are in…

41% wanted to see “How to get Google to send you new customers every single day for FREE”.

27% wanted to see “How to use the “Rampage” Facebook ads method to get sales for $10 or less – 100% guaranteed”.

32% wanted to see “Hot I use A.I. to scale my winning ads to $1,000 and more daily”.

And now you get to benefit from the results:

The numbers are in...

All products are ready and I can’t wait to launch them to the public…

However I couldn’t decide what to launch FIRST…

Most entrepreneurs would just say…

“Pick the one that got the most votes dummy”


Below this paragraph I’m going to let you choose from the 3 most popular options people wanted AFTER they got access to the 10 day challenge.

I’m going to let the data tell me what’s most popular.

It’s something that one of my mentors used to say to me…

"Let their credit card TELL you the truth"

So let me give you a quick preview of every single option you can choose from:

1) How to get Google to send you new customers for FREE

Unlock the untapped potential of Google without breaking the bank. 

Hundreds of people are already looking for reviews, further information and all kinds of stuff before purchasing any product we promote within the 10 day challenge.

Picture your website appearing on Google’s first search results… Right when people are about to make a purchase decision.

In under 30 minutes, set up your website and start receiving daily high-quality clicks from potential buyers interested in the products we promote during the 10-day challenge – 100% FREE.

Embed a strategic link on your page, enticing users already poised to buy. Once a user clicks on your link, commissions start rolling in effortlessly.

2) How to generate sales for less than $10 using the secret ‘RAMPAGE’ Facebook Ads method – 100% guaranteed

As of now, every sale you will make within the 10 day challenge is worth around $62.

We’ve developed a special Facebook ads hack called “RAMPAGE” that will give you sale for $10 or LESS in advertising spend – 100% guaranteed.

Meaning: For ever $1 you spend on ads… You can get $6.2 back!

This is the number one Facebook ads hack if you’re on a low budget and you want to maximise profitability right from the start. 

Try ‘RAMPAGE’ today and see the magic happen!

3) How I use A.I. to scale my WINNING ads to $1,000 daily

Everybody is talking about artificial intelligence and how it’ll make everybody rich…

Well – I have yet to see ANYONE proving that he is making serious money using A.I.

Around 13 months ago, I started using Chat GPT to help me run my Facebook ads for me.

To be honest: It didn’t work in the beginning.

After 3-4 months of headaches, I finally cracked the code though.

As of now, I’m using Chat GPT to scale my winning ads to over $1,000 AND MORE in daily sales for me.

The good thing is:

This will work no matter your budget. 

Use A.I. today to start scaling your winning campaigns & start making serious profits.