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Hi, Marvin here.

I want to thank you for joining my 10-day challenge.

Whether you’re hoping to just make some money on the side…

Or you’re ready to go from 0 to a 6… 

Maybe even a 7-figure income…

You’ve made a smart decision for your financial future.

Soon you’ll receive your login credentials so you can get started with the challenge.

But before I finish setting up your account, I want to share something very important.

The #1 question I get from all challenge participants:

“Marvin, I am on a small budget. How can I still make money with the challenge if I can only spend $5 per day on ads?”

To be fair…

I fully understand the question.

Everybody starts small.

Even though I’m spending thousands of dollars each and every day nowadays…

My very first advertising campaigns had a budget of just $5 – 10 per day as well.

And for that reason…

I want to give you the chance to get access to my exclusive “$5 Bully-Method” before you start the challenge.

See, folks who don’t upgrade miss out because they don’t know the specifics on how to use small budgets…

To make big profits.

Running ads is easy if you have thousands of dollars to waste.

Because Facebook likes big advertisers.

You get away with a lot more mistakes simply because Facebook rewards you for spending a lot of money with them…

But if you’re on a tight budget, you need to take advantage of a specific strategy that I call the “$5 Bully-Method” to make daily profits.

I’m inviting you to test the "$5 Bully Method" - 100% risk free.

Once you start utilising the “$5 Bully Method” for your very first ads…

You’ll put yourself in a position to generate up to $50-100 profit a day.

You’ll be able to use your small budget to your advantage – Simply because you understand how the algorithm works…

I consider the “$5 Bully-Method” a secret weapon for small advertisers.

Let me give you some insights into the Facebook advertising algorithm.

As you might have heard…

Facebook has a lot of data.

About you. 

About me. 

About pretty much everyone on earth.

Their algorithm can predict once someone is ready to purchase something online – No matter what you sell.

The problem is:

Most advertisers don’t know how to show their ad to the person that is ready to buy…

Exactly at the right moment.

And this is where the “$5 Bully-Method” does its magic.

With the “$5 Bully-Method”, you’ll now be able to:

📈 “Hide” your ads until the algorithm finds a person ready to buy... So you don’t waste your money on people that wouldn’t buy anyways

📈 “Show” your ads using a secret set of strategies at the top of the news feed – Once Facebook has found someone ready to purchase

📈 “Bully” your competition out of the auction (so you will get the sale every single time someone is ready to purchase)

This strategy is responsible for some of the most amazing advertising campaigns I’ve seen.

Imagine opening your laptop and seeing new sales coming in every couple of minutes.

This secret strategy took me from $5 daily advertising budgets…

To spending over 3 Million in a single month in ads (just imagine the return on that – good times).

But that’s not all.

"$5 Bully-Method" members get so much more...

By upgrading to our “$5 Bully-Method” status today, you’ll also get instant access to perks normally reserved for members who paid several thousand dollar per year.

Like instant access to my private Q&A

Around once a quarter, I hold an in-depth Q&A.

I don’t give personalized advice, but my members have the chance to have their most burning questions answered.

We cover everything from how to set up ads that make me up to $21.000 revenue per day

All the way to how you can get started & make your first $1.000 profit in as little as 7 days.

You can access them from your home computer or smartphone. 

And they’re designed for both beginners and experienced individuals.

Normally, these sessions are reserved for those who pay thousands for my personal support.

But we’ve opened then up to new challenge participants.

With your “$5 Bully-Method” purchase, you’ll get unlimited access to these Q&As for as long as you remain a member.

My Exclusive Mastermind Video Vault

Get priceless insights from my exclusive Mastermind Traffic Summit in quick bite-sized video clips including:

✅ How to Make Facebook Your Best Employee That Spits Out New Sales Every 5 Minutes

✅ How to Control Your Emotions as a Facebook Advertiser – Even if you spend $10.000 and more per day in ads

✅ How to Spot a Winning Campaign… And Scale It To The Moon

✅ How To Go From 0 To A 6-Figure Income In Less Than 12 Months While Traveling The World – Just by utilising the power of Facebook ads

✅ The Only Way To Automate All Of Your Work… So You’re Done In Less Than 120 Minutes Per Day

Each of these clips could be worth thousands of dollars to you, no matter what happens in the market…

And when you become a “Bully-Method” member, you get instant access for no added cost.

PLUS three premium bonuses

✅ SPECIAL REPORT: How to Double Your Money Every Day Using The “Surfing” Facebook Ads Strategy

✅ EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: How to Keep A Winning Campaign Alive For Months… So You Have Less Work – But More Money

✅ EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Live Sessions With Marvin Weiss As He Takes A Brand New Account To Multiple Thousands In Profit Per Day

Please know, the Mastermind Library and premium bonuses are ONLY accessible to participants who upgrade to the “$5 Bully-Method” today .

(You’ll get a special link in your email).

Now, this isn’t for everyone.

That’s why we only encourage those who are serious about improving their finances to join.

However, when you look at everything you’ll get and how much you’ll save, I think you’ll agree that it’s a “no-brainer.”

Never pay another renewal fee again

If you wanted to join the “$5 Bully-Method” separately, you’d pay over $297 every month for regular updates.

Of course, you can pass on the offer now and pay the $297 every month later – I certainly don’t mind. 

But after using the “Bully-Method” for about a year (and most members stay long-term due to the amazing trades) you’d have paid around $2.500 total.

Considering what you stand to gain, that’s beyond reasonable.

But my new challenge participants don’t pay anywhere near that.

And if you choose to upgrade today, neither will you.

Level up to the "Bully-Method" for a one-time payment of just $44.95

Put simply, by giving you the opportunity to upgrade today, I’m giving you the chance to find out what my long-term customers already know…

Risk FREE – at a fraction of what most of them paid to get it.

Best of all, you're STILL covered by my 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Which is why I need your answer today.

That way I can set you up as a “$5 Bully-Method” Member and you’ll have the full 7 days to try the entire strategy from the comfort of your home.

You see, I understand that this is a lot of information coming at you at once.

That why I made sure that you don’t have to make the final decision today.

You’re protected by our 100% money-back guarantee.

If you use the resources & instructions in the “Bully-Method” and for whatever reason you weren’t able to go from 0 to at least $300 revenue PER DAY in 7 days… 

Simply text us via email for a full 100% refund – no questions asked.

And you get to keep your special bonuses and videos. That’s my gift to you for trying my service.

But I'm going to sweeten the pot even more...

How does $200 bucks sound?

When you upgrade today, you’ll receive $200 to spend on any future purchases of GameOfAdvertising services.

Best of all, this credit is instant. 

Once you click YES! below, you will be able to use your credit on any future purchases as soon as today!

Of course, you’re welcome to complete your order without investing in the “Bully-method” today… 

And you’d still have taken a massive step in the right direction.

You have nothing to lose, and a game-changing world of opportunity to gain.

Thank you again for purchasing the 10-day Facebook Ads challenge. 

I look forward to welcoming you as my newest challenge participant.

– Marvin Weiss

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