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Traditional advertising is dead. We help people profit from one of the fastest growing industries alive: Online advertising.

You will get all the education you need to start your career as an online advertiser in various different industries

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You get to enjoy top of the world knowledge about how to become a world class marketing expert. We’ll show you how to set up your first ad campaign… All the way up to scaling that campaign to amazing numbers.

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We’ve spent millions in ads for our own projects. You get to watch us set up & run ad campaigns WHILE we explain every step of the way

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Running ads online is one of the most lucrative careers out there – And you can tap into this growing industry starting today

Welcome to GameOfAdvertising

Money is a game. The better you play, the more you make.

We are here to teach you the rules of advertising. Learn it, get started and jumpstart your career.

Why is media buying the best career?

As a media buyer, you run ads on all major platforms such as Facebook, Google, Youtube.

For every dollar you spend, you can expect an immediate return. It’s like investing in the stock market – Just faster &more profitable.

No experience needed

Learn everything you need within 10-14 days

Get started with $200

We used to start our first campaigns with only $5 daily

High income potential

Once you have a campaign that works, you can scale it up to great sales numbers

Extremely Scalable

Facebook, Google & Instagram give you almost unlimited amounts of new customers

Secure industry

Become an advertiser and jump on a growing industry that kickstarts your careeer

Get started in 30 days

Learn, set everything up and get started. This should take you less than a month

Our products

Pick and choose the product you would like to get started with

10 Day Challenge

Learn everything you need about advertising in 10 days

$5 Bully Method

How to run advertising on Facebook with limited budgets

Market Open Strategy

Find out how to run ads with a fixed schedule every day

1:1 coaching

Marvin and you will hop on a 45 minute Zoom call

1:1 mentoring

Marvin will do a 1:1 zoom call every month for 3 months with you

More coming

We are constantly working on developing new products for you